About (our) SHELF:

Shelf is an art collective formed of a diverse group of feminists and recent graduates from Camberwell College of Arts and Goldsmiths. The members of the collective are Yasmeen Thantrey (she/her), Megan Cartwright, (she/her) Eleanor Louise West, (she/they) Al Hill (he,they) Shauna Fox (she/her), Ruby Thomas (she/they) Indera Harrison (she/her) and Stan Greengrass (they/them). They specialise in different art disciplines including drawing, painting, sculpture, film and photography. 

As an intersectional feminist group, they work closely together to promote sustainability and inclusion through art practices. They use recycled materials and textile based art to educate others on feminism by reaching out to the community, hosting interactive projects, workshops, events and exhibitions. 
The Collective was formed in 2019 with the mission of creating inclusive and safe spaces for people to learn and share their experiences of feminism. In the space of a year they have worked with a wide range of groups, including the Tate and The Feminist Library. They have also provided sustainability workshops in a primary school and held artist talks within University.

Ruby Thomas (She/They)

think flowers, boobies and large scale drawings, a welsh beauty

Shauna Fox (She/Her)

irish lass afraid of technology? large scale paintings and installations

Indera Tamara (She/Her)

sassy business woman of the group, definitely the most stylish

Al Hill (He/They)

daddy cool/call them Al etc. big nerd

Stan Greengrass (They/Them)

our technological shelfie! filmmaker and director ready to take on the world

Megan Cartwright (She/Her)

lil cute bean with the coolest hair and dungaree collection

Yasmeen Thantrey (She/Her)

the angriest feminist- big political art guaranteed to make your grandparents feel awkward

Eleanor Louise West (She/They)

mummy of our group, baked goods and femme art